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Stock Knowledge

Play to Learn, learn to play!

Experiential Learning Technology That Students Love

Stock Knowledge brings innovation and education together to provide accesible experiential learning technology that students love. We make boring school lessons fun and interesting through Extended Reality, Gamification, and Adaptive Learning.

Educator and phycist Anna Marie Benzon launched Stock Knowledge to focus on how young learners could foster better appreciation for their school subjects after realizing tha traditional methods were not as engaging anymore in the age of internet.

Stock Knowledge is proud to be part of the Unicef Innovation Fund portfolio and supported by the Philippines' Department of Education.

Stock Knowledge Open Source

Having an open solution in our business process, we make our technological progress faster and more effecient when a potential million developers from around the world would contirbute to our project as oppose to having a tiny group of developers we have as a startup company. Your contribution will greatly help us build a more reliable, secure, cost-effecient, and flexible learning platform.